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david gstraunthaler, alias deejay DaveTheVoice - amazing party nights included.

all started on the sideline of the holy green in natters, where he, as the spokesman, was the atmosphere’s booster. but that was not enough for him. after being at proms all around the tyrol and salzburg, calling hofgarten, stadtcafe, bawa lounge, area 47, etc. his home, he successfully attended the ministry of sound dj academy 2011 in zurich, switzerland. this was his breakthrough. meanwhile, as resident of hofgarten with its famous „6er garantie“, gigs at the papito club in carinthia, bar centrale, mein's, area 47, in italy and even our capital vienna, he possesses an amazing portfolio. and now, in 2013, he made the most amazing step ever - Ö3 officially announced him to be a member of their famous dj pool.

if you wanna be the host of an incredible, unforgettable party, then he is your choice. no matter where or when – he is the ignition for pure fun. what do you have to do? just use the contact form to bring your party on the road of success.

DTV - one small step for you, but a giant leap for your party!

Organizer: "Incredible party and top atmosphere!"


locations where i have played already

Area47: "UNFORGETABLE parties for sure!"



there is hardly anything we can't play (;

  • house.(deep., progressive., club., tech.)65%
  • commercial.hits100%
  • party.classics75%
  • black.rnb.hip.hop55%

thanks for your support !


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catch me if you can

  • DATE 02.12.2016  |  LOCATION Platzhirsch, Wien  |  EVENT Happy
  • DATE 03.12.2016  |  LOCATION Goaßstall, Saalbach  |  EVENT BERGFESTival (Ö3)
  • DATE 09.12.2016  |  LOCATION Mitterbach am Erlaufsee, Niederösterreich | EVENT Ö3-Disco beim Skiopening
  • DATE 10.12.2016  |  LOCATION IBEX Club, Nauders  |  EVENT Saturday Night Clubbing
  • DATE 16.12.2016  |  LOCATION Novellis, Reutte  |  EVENT Weihnachtsfeier-Party
  • DATE 17.12.2016  |  LOCATION Bar Centrale, Innsbruck  |  EVENT Saturday Night Clubbing
  • DATE 31.12.2016  |  LOCATION sChic Bar, Kaltenbach  |  EVENT Silvester

  • DATE 07.01.2017  |  LOCATION Alpbachtal, Tirol  |  EVENT Ö3-PistenBully
  • DATE 14.01.2017  |  LOCATION Postalm, Kaltenbach  |  EVENT Saturday Night Clubbing
  • DATE 27.01.2017  |  LOCATION Igls, Tirol  |  EVENT Ö3-Disco bei der Rodel-WM
  • DATE 28.01.2017  |  LOCATION Bar Centrale, Innsbruck  |  EVENT Saturday Night Clubbing

  • DATE 04.02.2017  |  LOCATION Sextner Dolomiten, Südtirol  |  EVENT Ö3-PistenBully
  • DATE 11.02.2017  |  LOCATION Postalm, Kaltenbach  |  EVENT Saturday Night Clubbing
  • DATE 25.02.2017  |  LOCATION Bar Centrale, Innsbruck  |  EVENT Saturday Night Clubbing

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